Continuing Education

Pioneer is committed to providing a wide variety of foundational-based continuing education courses that not only meet TREC requirements, but also covers relevant, hot-topic issues to keep  real estate agents in tune with changes in the industry.  We enjoy offering topics that are unique and fun, while also providing valuable information to increase your success in your real estate career.

Our current continuing education courses include the following:

Legal Update I

Required by the Texas Real Estate Commission, this 4-hour continuing education course has been updated to cover the latest topics affecting real estate licensees. It provides current legal issues pertinent to Texas real estate practice. Topics include: TREC statute and rule update, leasing, property management, sales transactions, promulgated contract and addendum forms, and hot topics.  Cost for this course is $35.

Legal Update II

Required by the Texas Real Estate Commission, this 4-hour continuing education course has been updated to cover the latest topics affecting real estate licensees. It provides an in-depth review to confirm understanding and foster proper administration of many hot topic concerns such as use of unlicensed assistants in real estate transactions, how to handle multiple offers, rebate issues, broker or agent acting as principal, and much more.  Cost for this course is $35.

All Under One Roof (6 hrs.)  This course expands the vision of the “new norms” that are becoming widely visible and impacting the motivation of buyers and sellers. You will learn how the changing demographics and economics of recent years have influenced desirability for some types of homes over others. You will also learn about an emerging market of multiple generations living under one roof. This course embraces the complexity of the client’s situation and helps agents create new solutions for today’s most complicated buyers and sellers. Delivered in our OnDemand video lecture format, this course is filled with videos that show real-life examples and scenarios that you are likely to encounter in your real estate career.  Cost for this course is $42.

Environmental Issues In Your Real Estate Practice (6 hrs.)  This course uses clear language and real-world examples to explain the potential environmental hazards that agents need to know. The discussion includes evaluating properties, due diligence, and avoiding legal liability.  Cost for this course is $42.

Identity Theft:  Protecting Your Clients and Your Business (4 hrs.)  Customers entrust their real estate agents with a wide variety of personal information. If it falls into the wrong person’s hands, the damage to the customer’s life and the agent’s reputation could be extreme. In this course, you will learn how to respond if your personal information, or a clients’ information, is compromised. Updated case studies and recent news stories illustrate the methods thieves use to steal identities. You will also learn what “red flags” to watch for and how to prepare for a potential data breach. There’s never been more opportunity for identity thieves to strike, and this course will provide the information needed to reduce the chances of becoming a victim and to handle a breach event if it occurs.  Cost for this course is $28.

Scams, Scoundrels, and Real Estate Stings (6 hrs.)  An agent can become an invaluable resource to clients and the real estate industry by learning how to spot and report scams at the first sniff of trouble. This course takes you one crime at a time on the journey of sleuthing the facts, recognizing who is liable, assessing the consequences, and revealing the resources that will help you avoid the dark side of the industry today. You will learn how one person’s scam is every agent’s burden to bear, and how agents can sting-proof their reputation while keeping clients out of harm’s way. From flopping to straw buyers to Internet fraud, it’s all explored here.  Cost for this course is $42.

The Tiny House:  Is It A Phase Or A Craze? (4 hrs.)  In this online course, you will learn about the origin of the tiny house, different types of tiny houses and their structural elements, and the costs and considerations for building a tiny house. Other topics include valuation of property and when a tiny house is considered real property. The course will identify financing options specific to the tiny house and explore tiny house communities developing across the country.  You will leave the course informed about market needs and will be able to discuss options with clients who are seeking this type of real estate.  Cost for this course is $28.

The 20 Most Cost-Effective Home Improvements (4 hrs.)  Homeowners are spending more time and money on fixing up their places than ever before. U.S. Census Bureau statistics indicate that maintenance and repairs make up about 30% of the expenditures.  The other 70% is spent for alterations, major replacements, additions, and outside additions and alterations.  This is a guide to 20 home improvements that maximize resale value.  You will learn where the money goes in a typical remodeling job, and how much is spent on kitchen and bathroom remodeling, plumbing, HVAC, roofing, and more. You will get many ideas to help you communicate with clients and customers about value-added improvements.  Cost for this course is $28.

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