5 Reasons Why Selling Real Estate Is Fun

Selling real estate is fun.

Is it fun every single day?  Of course not.  There are challenges along the way.  There will be days when you think to yourself, “What in the world have I done?”  But overall, selling real estate is a great way to make a living and build a dream business.

Dale Carnegie said “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.”  I think he is right about that.  The wealthy people in this great country of ours make the really big money building businesses that they truly enjoy participating in.  Think about Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates.  They couldn’t have built the successful empires they did without enjoying what they were doing.

So here’s 5 reasons why selling real estate is fun:

1. You get to meet interesting people.

Most of the time you are working with the Average Joe that wants to buy or sell real estate.  But guess what?  Average Joe is pretty interesting.  Joe comes from all walks of life.  Joe has some great stories to share.  It’s interesting learning what makes your buyer or seller tick.  Let’s face it…you do get into the business of your buyer or seller.  And their business, while not salacious, can be very interesting.

2. Every day is different.

When it comes to selling real estate, no two days are ever the same.  One day you are showing houses.  The next day you are getting a listing ready to put into the MLS.  Some days you are networking at an event.  If you are someone who likes variety in your daily schedule, then real estate may be just the place for you.

3. You see fascinating properties.

Have you ever seen a $14,000,000 house?  Probably not.  But if you are a real estate agent you get invited to broker open houses with that kind of price tag.  And you should take advantage of those invitations.  You never know when this career just might afford you that kind of house of your own.

4. You get lots of FREE food and beverage.

I’ve said for a long time that real estate agents will never go hungry.  Really bad agents who don’t have the skills or motivation to succeed may be broke, but they won’t be hungry.  There is a constant flow of food that comes into our real estate office on a daily basis.  Lunch spreads, cakes and cookies, doughnuts…you name it.  And builder provided lunches are the best because they have big budgets.  On any given day a real estate agent can probably find a free breakfast or lunch somewhere.

5. You get to be the boss.

This may be the most fun reason of the five.  But be careful because it can be a double edge sword.  You get to decide what you want your business to look like.  You decide with whom you will work.  You decide what type of property in which you want to specialize.  You decide what hours you want to work for the most part.  But it’s also up to you to motivate yourself to work every day.  Make a plan and stick with the plan and you will be fine.

Selling real estate is fun.  So go have some fun selling real estate.  It’s a great career when done properly.