Continuing Education

Pioneer is committed to providing a wide variety of foundational-based continuing education courses that not only meet TREC requirements, but also covers relevant, hot-topic issues to keep  real estate agents in tune with changes in the industry.  We enjoy offering topics that are unique and fun, while also providing valuable information to increase your success in your real estate career.

Our current continuing education courses include the following:


Broker Responsibility (6 hrs.)

The Texas Real Estate Commission Rules require a broker who sponsors salespersons, a designated broker of a business entity, and a licensee who is a delegated supervisor of one or more licensees, to have an understanding of the regulatory aspects of the management, operation, and supervision of a real estate brokerage firm in Texas. This 6-hour course covers topics such as agency relationships, broker supervision responsibilities, organizational considerations for brokerages, and how a complaint to TREC is handled.  Finally, this course will give you a solid understanding of the laws regarding a real estate brokerage firm in Texas.  Cost for this course is $49.


Liars, Cheaters, and Thieves: Averting Client Catastrophe (4 hrs.) 

Can you name three of the top ten legal issues real estate professionals face today? This course enlightens you to all top ten issues, plus helps you navigate through the murky waters that can prevail when a clear understanding of real estate laws, statutes, and rulings is loosely or vaguely interpreted.

This course illuminates the issues that create problems in real estate transactions. You will learn to identify what constitutes negligence, and when it is fraud. You’ll sharpen your understanding of what happens when a client makes a Breach of Contract claim, and how to avoid misleading statements that can have disastrous ramifications for you, your client, and your business. Your expert instructor will lead you through case studies to identify critical issues, determine what happened, discuss how the situation could have been handled appropriately, and learn how to resolve the conflict legally and within the scope of the law. Prepare for real-life real estate and avoid risky business mistakes in this essential course.  Cost for this course is $28.


Millennials: Challenging the Traditional Real Estate Model (4 hrs.) 

Strategies and tips for working with Millennials.  This course examines the factors driving today’s real estate market. This course will take you beyond the newspaper headlines to illustrate how the former driving factors of real estate no longer apply, as millennial buyers outpace baby boomers (previously the largest real estate buyer group). You will learn how millennials—today’s largest real estate market—buy, sell, rent, strategize, and communicate. Learn how you can better serve this new leading population of clients.

This course will challenge past approaches to working with clients and illustrate successful approaches to working with today’s buyers and sellers. Get insight into how to educate yourself about millennials’ specific preferences and how builders and the real estate industry are responding to them.

You will explore essential expectations and patterns so you can refine and re-tool and your knowledge and practices, as well as your branding and image to reflect an understanding of the new real estate model. This course focuses on increasing your ability to work effectively and productively with millennials to achieve their real estate goals, as well as yours!  Cost for this course is $28.


Twenty Cost-Effective Home Improvements Online Video Course (4 hrs.)

Discover the most valuable improvements homeowners can make to increase the value of their homes. This online video course employs the latest national data to calculate the 20 home upgrades that provide the greatest return on investment. Including internal improvements like kitchen remodels, outdoor improvements like deck additions, and energy-saving improvements like window replacements, this course explores the home improvement process from all angles to reach some surprising conclusions about cost and value. With an extended discussion of financing and environmental factors, this course will allow you to advise your clients on how to make wise choices that positively impact the resale value of their homes.

Key Benefits:

  • Learn how to add value to a home and increase revenue.
  • Explore which improvements your clients should complete before listing a property.
  • Increase your commission by helping your clients to add value.


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