Salesperson Apprentice Education (SAE)

During your first 2 years after becoming licensed, you will be required to take 90 hours of core classes and 4 hours each of Legal I and Legal II.  Core classes are 30 hours in length and do require a passing test score before credit can be obtained.

SAE courses currently available include:

Property Management  (30 hours)  Get the most current and thorough introduction and overview of property management available on the market today. This practical discussion explores daily issues facing practitioners, such as maintenance, accounting, administrative, and legal activities. It also has up-to-date content on federal regulations, such as civil rights, fair housing, ADA issues, and environmental concerns. The flexible format of this text provides you with case studies, sample forms, and review questions to enhance your understanding of property management concepts.

Real Estate Marketing  (30 hours)  This course provides comprehensive coverage of the marketing strategies and selling skills crucial for a successful career in real estate. Mixing entry-level concepts with advanced marketing theories, this course offers an interactive immersion into closing techniques, sales plans, digital marketing, and much more. A reorganized content outline and new units on technology, online marketing, and social media strategies make this the most comprehensive guide for applying classic marketing and sales techniques to a real estate career.

The cost of our 30-Hour SAE courses are $139 each. 


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