What Other Real Estate Schools Don’t Tell You

Real estate schools in Texas are great at preparing you to take and pass the real estate exam required to get a real estate salesperson license.  I know that because we have just been through a very rigorous process to get our school and our course work approved by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC).  The staff in the Education Department at TREC has been an absolute pleasure to work with.  Their patience and guidance was a huge factor in completing the process. In many ways it made us a stronger school because we were educated during the process of being approved.  And we must maintain a high pass rate for our students in order to keep our school approved by TREC.  I think that’s a good thing.


So what is it that other schools don’t tell you?  They don’t tell you that by starting a career as a real estate agent, you are actually starting a BUSINESS.  And if you don’t treat it as a business, you won’t be as successful as you could be.  When you start this Business of real estate, you are now the CEO, CFO, Marketing Director, IT guy/gal, Accountant, Receptionist, and pretty much everything else.  I hope I haven’t scared you.


The good news is that having this information actually empowers you.  You now know more than most agents entering the field.  So what’s the key to handling all these different roles that you will encounter?  The biggest key is to have systems in place.  I’m talking about written systems.  Not elaborate or difficult.  Just plain and simple systems that will keep you organized and on track.

These systems include:

  • Lead Generation System (How you will make contacts and find your prospects.)
  • Database System (How you will keep track of the people you know, clients, and past clients.)
  • Budget and Financial System (How you will track your income and expenses so you keep more money than you spend.)
  • Time Blocking System (How you will manage your time to stay productive.)

Get it?  Not scarey.  Just being organized and staying on track with your goals.  These are just a few examples of systems you can use to drive your business in the direction of success.  There are a variety of systems you can use and the good news is that you get to choose what they look like.


At Pioneer School of Real Estate, one of our goals is to maintain a relationship with our students beyond just passing the exam to get a license.  We want to be a resource to our students and help to propel you to success in real estate.  We are here for seasoned agents as well.  We will soon be launching our social media sites where we will be sharing tips and information to help agents grow their business.  We invite you to be a part of the Pioneer family.  So check back soon for more information.