Do You Love Selling Real Estate?

If the answer to this question is Yes! then that is great.  You have found a career that could propel you into tremendous success.  You likely enjoy getting up and going to work every day.  And that is one of the keys to success in the real estate business.

If the answer is No! then you may want to ask yourself a few questions.  The first big question is “Why”.  Why do you not love selling real estate?  Was it a choice you made to get a license only to find out that you really just do not enjoy the business?  And if that is the case that’s fine.  Don’t beat yourself up about it.  Education is as much about learning what you don’t want to do, as it is about what you do want to do.  If you truly do not enjoy the business, then it’s ok to find another career alternative.

But if you enjoy the business as a whole but are having difficulty finding your passion, then let’s explore some reasons for this and figure out how to make some adjustments. After all, there are so many different opportunities in this field and it may be that you just need to pursue a specific path within this business.

Let’s consider two main reasons that you enjoy the business as a whole but are not having fun.

Lead Generation.  This can be one of the most difficult obstacles for an agent.  The process of finding clients is not typically one of the most enjoyable tasks of the real estate agent.  If you fall into this category, then you will want to find a lead generation method that you either enjoy or can at least “like” at some level. If you are an extrovert then it may be that you should become more active in your community. Always have an item of value and a business card to hand out. If you are an introvert, then using social media as a lead generation tool may work better for you.

Feeling Overwhelmed.  This one is a bit easier to solve than the lead generation issue described above. It may be that you need to set some boundaries with your clients.  Most real estate transactions do not involve emergencies.  Making yourself available at all hours of the day and night will eventually lead to burnout.  And you don’t want that to happen.  If time with family is being neglected and you are feeling guilty about it, remember this…time with your family or loved ones is an “appointment” that is just as important as an appointment with a client.  If you want to attend a family event and it coincides with something your client is wanting you to do, then tell your client that you already have an appointment and offer an alternative time to meet with the client.  You don’t’ have to disclose to the client that the other appointment is your child’s baseball game, or recital, or _________, you fill in the blank.

If you are feeling overwhelmed because there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish all of the tasks before you, then you need to find a way to leverage your time.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Use a contract-to-close service to handle part of the paperwork. (By the way, if you enjoy the paperwork but don’t enjoy the other aspects of the business, then you may want to consider being the contract-to-close person.)
  • Create generic buyer and seller packets ready to distribute when the phone rings so you aren’t scrambling around to create something at the most inconvenient time. That just creates more stress.
  • Use a showing agent, one who is reliable and knowledgeable, to help during busy times.
  • Time block so that you stay on track.  Build in some flex time to take a breather during the day.
  • Don’t be a slave to your phone.  In other words, don’t feel obligated to answer every phone call. It’s ok to return a call later as long as you don’t wait too long.

There are so many opportunities and different paths you can take in the real estate business.  If you aren’t having fun, don’t quit too soon.  Consider a niche market or specialty service that can spark your enthusiasm.  You never know where it might lead you.

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